Wookies is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with The White and Chemdawg 91. Wookies produces euphoric and relaxing effects that promote creativity. This strain is known for having a flavorful terpene profile that is minty and musky. Wookies is not to be confused with Wookie – an entirely different strain with different lineage.

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Wookies is a legendary Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain is the result of an unknown genius cannabis cultivator deciding to cross a Girl Scout Cookies plant with The White. The resulting strain, Wookies, is also referred to as Girl Scout Wookies and Wookies Cookies depending on the brand you find the strain under. Thankfully, these three names all refer to the same genetic plant which means a plethora of information is available about this legendary strain.

The THC level on this strain can vary highly and is incredibly dependent on the quality of the grow, harvest, and cure. It often reaches as high as 28% but a safe estimate for an average THC concentration is 24%. Wookies, as with most potent indica strains, is best consumed in the afternoon and evening hours after a hard day’s work when there are no more responsibilities and you can let your hair down.

Wookies buds, like most Indica strains, grow in incredibly tight and dense morsels of cannabis goodness. These olive and mint-green flowers are the equivalent to gold in the cannabis world, as they are jam-packed with resin and thick, milky-white trichomes which bolster the strain’s physical aspects in addition to its high. In addition to greens, you’ll spot purple undertones in some harvests and a number of winding orange hairs.

These kushy buds are quite aromatic, often filling the room with a cloud of floral scents mixed with skunky kush and sour citrus. The flavor is quite similar though a bit more mellow. Some describe an almost creamy citrus flavor mixed with fresh pine and spicy herbs. Some beginners stoners will fall for the Wookies trap, that is, they get addicted to the flavor and end up smoking way too much of this incredibly potent flower.

The effects of this strain come on like a freight train smashing through a wall of bricks. Before you can even exhale the cloud of smoke you just puffed off your joint, your mood is instantly elevated to new heights as euphoria spreads throughout your bloodstream. Wookies is known for providing creative energy and inspiration which is good for breaking the funks of depressive episodes and destroying writer’s block.

While your mind feels creative and focused, you might find yourself sinking further into the sofa, as the next season of Trailer Park Boys looks more and more enticing. From toe to head your body is relaxed by this strain’s potent effects, which is great for those suffering from chronic pain in addition to inflammations like arthritis. Some find that while high on Wookies the only thing that will get them up off the sofa is a powerful case of the munchies which is sure to have you raiding the fridge and pantry until you’re completely satisfied.

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