Zorro – Balanced Hybrid

Welcoming the extremely limited zealous Zorro to our collection; another super spicy strain bred by cannabis collaborators T.H. Seeds x Massive Creations. Limited to a very small number of retailers worldwide; due to the sheer rarity of seeds, a lot of information on this strain is unknown. However, we can tell you that this is one seriously potent powerhouse of a plant, boasting a lineage of Grape Ape x Marmalade. As with all strains from Massive Creations, an extremely high standard of genetics are guaranteed; further adding a T.H Seeds collaboration into the mix has probably tripled that standard, guaranteeing you some of the best genetics in the world.

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Its flavor and aroma is very reminiscent of grapes jam, sweet and very tasty, a cannabis experience of those that can’t be easily forgotten.

The effects of Zorro are quite powerful, the perfect mix between mind and body, for those looking for a good high, which is very relaxed at body level while your mind flies to infinity.

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