Black Tuna

Thankfully, the Black Tuna strain does not taste or smell like a rotten tuna fish. This strain offers an intense body high and heavy relaxation, but also has wonderful abilities to calm a cramping or upset stomach, so it’s great for GI ailments.

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This is ostensibly a medicinal cannabis strain, but those who have toked on the magnificent ‘floral arrangement’ of Black Tuna weed will tell you that the buds contain more than enough THC to produce a satisfying – if not indulgent – high.

Black Tuna marijuana made significant inroads into the Canadian weed market when it was first unveiled, but later, 5 Star Organics came up with a stroke of marijuana marketing genius to increase its appeal in the U.S. – as the breeders had already named the strain after a Colombian smuggling gang, it went one step further by (apparently) actually selling it in sealed tuna cans! How badass is that!?

It is only natural to be concerned about the smell of Black Tuna weed; I mean, imagine if it carried the scent of fish! Fortunately, this marijuana strain provides you with a pungent and skunky aroma with an earthy tone that makes it just a tad more pleasant than an afternoon at the fishmongers.

Although to be quite frank, Black Tuna marijuana will probably never really been in serious contention of winning awards for its taste. This cannabis strain consists of relatively dense dark green buds with hints of a bluish-purple color.

Once you look past the sealed tuna can marketing ploy, you’ll be very impressed by the effects of Black Tuna weed. As we already said, this is NOT a cannabis strain for neophytes, as it provides you with a strong mental hit almost immediately.

Soon after your first tokes, you will experience an uplift in your mood, coupled with a general sense of euphoria. It feels like a well-balanced hybrid to us, because after the initial hit, the cerebral high becomes more and more consistent (rather than offering a hard, fast, intense mental stimulation).

Next, Black Tuna weed will provide a physical body high that feels like a warm embrace; at this stage, you’ll feel your entire body relaxing, and you may want to lie down and allow the relaxation to wash over you.

If you don’t feel an intense high right away, don’t consume more! Trust us, Black Tuna weed is potent, and if you use too much, it is perfectly capable of sending you to sleep. This is unquestionably an evening strain, so don’t use it before work.

Medical Benefits of Black Tuna Cannabis

Some users enjoy using Black Tuna marijuana to alleviate stress and anxiety. However, it is chiefly used by those in search of uplifting sativa effects, coupled with a sedative body high. Once you feel soothed and relaxed, there is no question that your stress levels will dissipate in any case.

As you can probably guess, however, the main reason to use Black Tuna cannabis is to combat chronic body pain. The utter relaxation you feel after a few tokes means you may be able to find relief from all manner of painful medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

Black Tuna marijuana also happens to be popular among people with gastrointestinal issues, including ailments like Crohn’s disease, cramping, and nausea. Incidentally, some users also end up with a serious case of the munchies when the high wears off, so it could be an ideal strain to counteract loss of appetite.

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