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A truly therapeutic strain, Cadillac brings both the flavour and the prized effects of its all-star parentage. A three-way cross between Purple Urkle, The Black, and Blackberry Kush, this strain by Dark Heart Nursery is like a full body massage that takes users on a relaxing journey through energizing tingles and utter sedation, ending with the sweet relief of sleep.

Depending on who you ask this strain varies from a 60/40 indica-dominant, all the way to a 100% indica strain. Presumably this has to do with individual breeders, however, the THC content is a whopping 27% and general effects remain undebated. These leafy buds are easy on the eyes, with rich colours of light lavender, deep violet, and forest green nugs covered in light trichomes and sticky resin. The amber hairs contrast the juicy berry flavour and powerful floral aromas that linger on the tongue long after the smoke has gone.

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Despite its contradictory blend information, the effects are pretty well aligned from user to user. The great thing about this strain is that the old saying “a little goes a long way” applies tenfold here. This is a building high that takes around fifteen to twenty minutes to really get going, so newer users are cautioned to hit and wait before diving in for a second round. The tingles begin in your shoulders and spread slowly throughout the body, giving you the feeling of getting a massage, relaxing your muscles and leading you to a minor couch lock. As it continues you’ll feel slightly more energetic, but only briefly as the cerebral effects are minor if you feel them at all. Soon enough you’ll slip into the munchies and a nice deep chill that lasts throughout the night.

Cadillac is a stellar bud for chronic pain or muscle spasms due to its sedative properties. Easing off pain and allowing full relaxation of the smoker, this strain is highly recommended as an end of the day bud. This unique plant offers a slow rolling high and should be used sparingly for new or novice users. If you suffer from mild cases of depression or stress, try this strain after dinner and watch the woes of the day fall behind. For anyone who tends to get anxiety from indica heavy weeds, this may not be the strain for you as it can occasionally induce paranoia or agitate symptoms of anxiety.

Whether you are looking for a release from stress or pain, or if you are just looking for a chill bud to accompany your evening activities, Cadillac is an easily smokable bud with a flavor that will have you reaching for it time and time again.

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