Glue Tech

Glue Tech is a functional indica that shows its rich Afghani lineage in the form of bright green buds coated in sugary trichomes. This strain’s effects are relaxing and sedating, especially with continued consumption, but also anticipate appetite enhancement. These attributes make Glue Tech ideal for people suffering from eating disorders, GI problems, and chronic physical pain. The aroma is hashy, musky, and slightly sweet. Its flavour shares this muskiness with elements of earth and skunk on the exhale.

Glue Tech makes for a relaxing nighttime smoke at the end of a long workday. It’s as enjoyable when savored alone as it is when shared among friends.

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Glue Tech is a mostly indica strain that offers smokers long-lasting physical relaxation. The aromatic bud is a combination of notorious indica Gorilla Glue #4 and Alien Technology. It carries a sweet and earthy flavor that’s great as a dessert-time treat.

When trimmed, Glue Tech’s flowers are small to medium in size but maintain a fairly solid structure. They adhere in spadelike shapes, flaring out from a broad base and tapering into a pointed tip. The small leaves curl inward and are interspersed with curly orange hairs — which are actually reproductive structures called pistils. Finally, the yellowish-green flowers are dotted with cloudy-white trichomes that make these flowers difficult to break up without the use of a quality grinder.

When properly cured, Glue Tech’s flowers have a robust, woodsy scent similar to cedar or pine. Another whiff picks up on the overly sweet, almost fermented scent of berries. Grinding up these buds releases the hashy, spicy notes often associated with Afghani, which is in the background of parent strain Alien Technology. Glue Tech burns with a smooth and palatable smoke when combusted. On the exhale, this smoke has flavors of wood and fruit.

Glue Tech’s high can be something of a creeper, taking as many as 10 or 15 minutes before settling in. Some early signs of the strain’s action include a flushing sensation in the cheeks or an increase in salivation; users also report a tingling feeling around the eyes and temples. Once these unfamiliar feelings subside, they’re replaced by some odd cognitive changes. Although smokers may not suddenly be launched into a cerebral, analytical headspace, they may experience some warping of sensory perception, including visual or auditory distortions. An extrasensory feeling of time passing more slowly is also possible at this stage. Trippy effects like these aren’t necessarily great for working on detailed and important tasks, but they can set the stage for some mellow, atmospheric relaxation with friends; moody music or a visually engaging movie can also help to amplify this spacey high.

As Glue Tech begins to exert these psychedelic properties, it also unleashes its physical force. Within about an hour or so, the user’s limbs may begin to sag under the strain’s molasses-slow tempo. Smokers who may have been active may experience some loss of energy and may want to head for home as Glue Tech sends waves of relaxation rolling through their core. At this point, the strain lends itself to minimal exertion; low-key activities like binge-watching or hanging with likeminded friends should do the trick. Eventually, the “glue” in this strain’s name becomes apparent, as it seemingly makes its consumers stick to whatever surface they may be lounging on as the outside world recedes into the background. Because of its slow dip into lethargy, Glue Tech is recommended for late afternoon or early evening consumption.

Glue Tech’s sedative properties can have many uses for medical cannabis patients as well. The bud’s ability to soothe distressing thoughts can temporarily help those suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also dull physical pain, whether that pain is chronic, as due to conditions like arthritis or lupus, or temporary, as due to injury. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, can take care of common annoyances like nausea or headaches. Insufficiently relaxed conditions, Glue Tech may even be an antidote to insomnia, lulling its smokers into a fulfilling sleep. Because it is not known to bring about intense bouts of recursive thinking, Glue Tech is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia.

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