Golden Nugget – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Described as a happy accident at Greenpoint Seeds, Golden Nugget is the result of a cross between Stardawg and Golden Goat. With an indica-dominant set of genetics that just won’t quit, this strain is in high demand. Delicious flavors and awesome effects only add to the fanbase that she’s already created.

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THC levels are up to 24% at best and her gorgeous buds are covered in a thick blanket of trichomes with wiry orange pistils sneaking through. With Skunk lineage running through her veins, this strain blends sweet and spicy aromas with flowers and citrus for a balanced composition. Flavors tend to be similar but much more mild.

Golden Nugget can be the treasure of your stash with effects that hit both mind and body in equal amounts of strength. Your cerebral experience will include a lift that’s joyful and creative, often inspiring users to finish up a long-forgotten art project. Motivation, however, may be short-lived as you progress through your high and begin to feel stronger physical effects. A body buzz will penetrate to your core and in most cases leaves you completely couch locked. Hunger can set in here as well, so keep snacks within an arm’s reach.

An ideal way to unwind at the end of the day, medical patients love Golden Nugget for her ability to ease mental woes with minimal effort. Stress and depression can often be an overwhelming part of the evening, as all we can do is sit around and think about what tomorrow will bring. Instead, let this strain take that weight off of your shoulders. Other concerns including inflammation, a lack of appetite, and especially insomnia can also be quelled with just a few puffs.

Good news for cannabis newbies – Golden Nugget is a very easy strain to cultivate at home. Plants can reach up to six feet tall, so making sure you have enough space is critical. This strain will flourish outside in a sunny environment, but if indoor growth is a must, make sure to use plenty of good lighting. Many prefer hydroponics for this plant, and after 9 weeks of growth, you’ll be ready to harvest a nice yield.

Now that we got you all excited about this strain, there’s one more piece of information to share. Currently, seeds are sold out on Greenpoint’s website with a small piece of text down the page that states “Discontinued.” If that’s the case, you might have to search high and low to find it at your local dispensary instead. Much like searching for buried treasure, finding some will be a huge reward in itself.

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