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For all of you non-Metallica fans, “Motorbreath” is a 1982 classic that will melt your face off. In a similar manner, the strain of the same name is here to help you have a great time. Motorbreath, said to be created by the mysterious Pisces Genetics, is a cross between two legendary strains – Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. Super potent and bold in flavor, it’s a bud that isn’t for the faint of heart.

By all accounts, Motorbreath clocks in at a very consistent 23% THC, making her completely inappropriate for novice smokers. Her nugs are elongated in shape and feature thin orange pistils with very small, yet frosty, amber crystals. The flavors of this bud have to be smoked to believe because the combination is simply a bit mind-boggling. Motorbreath offers notes of citrus, earth, diesel, garlic, and even meat. Imagine the smell of one’s man cave and you’ll likely find that Motorbreath mirrors it perfectly.

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Like any good hybrid strain should, this gal tends to begin with an uplifting sensation that could rocket your mind into the far reaches of joy. Problems melt away and however long of a day you just had will be the last thing you think about, but this uptick in mood doesn’t necessarily come with a boost in energy levels. Most users report that a slightly warm tingle transforms into a total body stone, and with it comes sedation that will likely keep you glued to the couch for a while. In some cases, Motorbreath ushers in a deep sleep that kicks insomnia to the curb.

Just like Metallica, Motorbreath is a strain that comes with an acquired taste. While her effects might be similar to many other indica-dominant plants on the market, her flavors alone almost act as a barrier to see who’s really serious about enjoying her to the fullest. If you’re a newer smoker, stay far away from this bud, however, if you’re experienced and looking for something to put hair on your chest, Motorbreath just might be the one.

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