Pine Tree

As the name would have you guess, Pine Tree is a strain that allows you to get in touch with nature through both delicious flavours and enjoyable effects. This indica-dominant bud has a fresh, woody taste. Approach this bud carefully, as there’s a whole lot more than what meets the eye.

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Pine Tree’s 22% THC average might seem like a walk in the park, but your brain should beware of these dense nugs. Their shape resembles a pine cone that’s drenched in sticky resin with a ton of chunky trichomes. Flavors and aromas are, as you guessed, reminiscent of taking a walk in the woods with notes of pine and earth hitting your senses. A bit of a diesel and hash blend will make its way to you during the exhale, so be ready for a pungent smoke session.

Like any good hybrid strain should, Pine Tree takes you on a journey through a variety of effects. Users will begin with a cerebral bliss that eventually melts into a set of body tingles that impart relaxing tendencies, without making you overly lethargic.

Although she may not be bursting with THC, this strain is an ideal choice for individuals who need a bit of help in treating medical ailments. Depression and stress top the list, as these concerns are washed away with a huge mood boost, but that doesn’t mean this bud won’t be helpful for bodily pain or inflammation either. Despite her soothing comedown, Pine Tree will help to fight daytime fatigue, assuming you time your dose just right.

Depending on your tolerance, you may find that a little bit of Pine Tree goes a long way and can help you to handle your stress or anxiety like a champ. Ideal for a weekend when you’re in for the night, Pine Tree is a strain you have to try at least a few times.

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