Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher implies a state of heady euphoria, like a man in a haze of love bursting through the chapel door and stopping the ceremony. Some of these things are theoretically possible while on the Wedding Crasher strain, but we don’t tend to think users will have the energy to crash a wedding! We’re just assuming that the name comes from the fact that weddings have a lofty sound and call to mind the vanilla cake flavor that lingers after using Wedding Crasher. Maybe “Couch Crasher” wasn’t descriptive enough? It seems slightly more appropriate, considering the effects.

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Wedding Crasher comes from the folks at Symbiotic Genetics, known for their sweet, fruity strains. This one comes from Purple Punch and Wedding Cake strains, giving it its unique amalgam flavor of fruity grapiness and vanilla cake. Though the intensity varies from plant to plant, Wedding Crasher tends to be Sativa dominant (70/30) with an average THC content of around 22%.

The plant produces dense, huge buds that pop out in vibrant greens and deep purples. You’ll notice how ample, thick, and frosty the trichomes are as you try to break the nugs. “Try” is an operative word: Wedding Crasher produces a ton of resin on already large buds. This makes them cumbersome to break apart.

When you do manage to split the buds, they release wafts of skunky scent with hints of fuel. Under that, sweet vanilla predicts the taste of the strain with an almost spicy exhale. The terpene profile (Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Humulene, and Limonene) produces these flavors, which combine into an approximation of wedding cake: grape and sweet vanilla with a spicy finish.

On the Wedding Crasher high, true to its name, your tongue will get looser as you engage more deeply in conversations with family and friends. You’ll be flying in a fit of happiness and rampant motivation, ready to focus on creative tasks and explode with new ideas. Those looking for creative clarity and a ton of energy can use Wedding Crasher to displace racing, nervous thinking with motivation, talking, and more talking.

This means that those suffering from depression may just need to crash the figurative wedding by getting on this strain. If you have mood swings and want to control what goes on up there, you can replace stress with motivation while on Wedding Crasher, as well as end any chronic appetite loss with a serious case of the munchies. Reduced inflammation is also a frequently reported effect.

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