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Although the creator of Witchcraft is named Dutchgrown Seeds, no one is really sure where this strain actually comes from. What we do know is that Witchcraft tends to knock your socks off. Incredibly potent with a high of 30% THC, Witchcraft doesn’t mess around. Each nug is small and unobtrusive with nearly clear pistils and trichomes so lightly colored that you might miss them, but her scent more than makes up for her appearance. Sour fuel and pineapple will instantly perk up your senses and similar flavors that also include skunk and citrus just might put some hair on your chest. For many, Witchcraft is either a love or hate strain due to how potent she is.

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It’s not just her flavour that makes a bold statement, as many describe her effects to be hard-hitting with a feeling of euphoria that doesn’t let go. This lift is both cerebral and physical in nature for most smokers, allowing you to truly unwind and throw all caution to the wind. However, rather than hitting the town for a carefree adventure, most find that they feel incredibly relaxed and don’t want to do much, let alone leave the house. Witchcraft is better used as a social lubricant before her comedown, which often includes deep feelings of relaxation that could lead to sleep.

Medical cannabis users often turn to this strain for help with a range of issues, making her rather popular in certain parts of the country where dispensaries only serve individuals with therapeutic needs. By and large, it’s said that Witchcraft is best for dealing with anxiety and depression, helping you to clear your mind of any worries with ease. PTSD may also be assisted and instances of bodily pain tend to be numbed pretty soon after you toke. Nausea and a loss of appetite could also be quelled depending on the severity of your symptoms.

At first glance, Witchcraft seems a bit ominous, but as long as you can get past her intensely bold flavours and aromas, you’re in for a real treat. Make sure you can handle your high before you go crazy with this lady, as newer smokers might easily overdo it and end up falling asleep far sooner than they would’ve liked.

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